His Love Never Quits

His Love Never Quits

 Thanks to GOD—he is good and his love never quits…….1 Chronicles 16:34 (NLT)

Imagine if God gave up on us. Imagine if God turned his back on us. Imagine if God said I can’t help…..Sorry

Can you even begin to think something like that? I can not and I do not even want to try.

God never turns his back on us, it is us that turns our back on him. Sometimes things in life do not go the way we think they should and so we turn to God and start questioning the why’s.

We get mad at God and tell him things like,

“Where were you when this happened?”

“Why didn’t you protect me or my loved one?”

“Why don’t you bless me?, I done everything right and still look at my life”

We throw everything back into his face and then say

“I don’t want anything from you anymore”

“I am not going to pray to you, you didn’t answer my prayers so I’m done with you”

“You probably don’t even exist”

We talk to him like he is dirt under our feet.

But the reality is that through whatever situation: He is there.

What he has allowed to happen has a reason.

You say…..”How can”……. for example someone dying, what is the reason for someone to die. Well, we do not know, but he does and we have to trust his decisions.

A personal story: It has been two years since my sister died, and it has not been easy for myself and others in my family, but what has given me confront is that she’s not suffering anymore. She led a miserable life addicted to perception drugs and alway sick. No matter how much I prayed for her to be free, no matter how many times I invited her to church, no matter how many times we tried to get her help, it didn’t change the situation. What did work was the day God took her from this world. He ended her pain and suffering and that’s all she ever wanted, was to be free. It is still hard not having her here, despite her addiction, she had a good heart and she loved as much as we loved her, but God had better plans for her.Pam

I am not saying that we can’t cry to God and tell him how we feel, express to him the hurt and the pain, but we don’t have to blame him for everything that goes wrong in our lives. Most of the time the wrongs are because of the chooses we make.

God never turns his back on us, but instead loves us through.

He is there for us in day in and day out and even when we stop pursuing the relationship, he does not.

He holds his arms out waiting for us to come to our senses and run back to his open arms. He does not like to see us hurting or suffering, that is not why he created us.

He created us to live a life not absent from pain and suffering but a life of peace.

No matter how many times we run, he is still there.

I am reminded of a book I read some time ago

It’s called “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers  and it’s about a young woman who lives and works in a brothel and in her mind she is not worthy of being loved by a man let alone God. She does whatever it takes to push them away, well I won’t tell you what happens, but instead encourage you to get the book and read it and see what it means when God say’s his love never quits.

People may give up on us but God Does Not and whatever situation you might be going through, no matter the size, he is standing there right beside you, holding your hand or carrying you through.

If you have turned your back on him, don’t worry it is not hard to return.

Just in your own words tell him how you feel and then ask for forgiveness and then begin to feel his love come over you.

Let Him love you…..

Below you will find the link (click on picture) to Amazon if you would like to purchase Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers  

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