The New Addition

The New Addition

I would like to introduce you to our newest family member.

He has four legs and is the cutest dog ever.

Meet Max, 

Also, Known As 

 Mr. Max,


 depending on who is calling him.

He is a one-year-old terrier mix.

Max’s  History

We adopted him October 30, 2016, from our local SPCA Shelter.

Our previous dog Charlie went to doggie heaven in August and the house was so empty as well as our hearts and even though at first we did not want to get another dog, there was this nagging feeling within me that said you need another one.

 I started looking online at the shelters as well as visiting them.

Every time we saw a dog that we thought we wanted its was already adopted.

I had looked on the SPCA website and saw Max, which was not his name but “Silent Bob” and another dog.

The other dog got our attention more and so one Sunday after church we went down to the shelter to look at the dog, but again it was already adopted.

Although Silent Bob got my attention on the website, Kristin did not like him. She thought he was not cute at all, so while at the shelter I didn’t even bother to ask about him.

As we went our separate ways in search of the perfect four-legged friend I found Kristin standing in front of a kennel petting a dog and she looks up at me and say’s

” He won’t let me walk away, every time I try he starts whining “

I looked at his information as well as his name and I said ” Kristin this is Silent Bob” 

To her surprise “Silent Bob” the dog she was not interested in, was interested in her.

We did a meet and greet with him and five minutes in we filled out the papers and officially adopted Max. 

We don’t know why Max ended up in the shelter, he was in pretty bad shape, but we brought him home, cleaned him up, gave him a haircut and several warm beds to sleep in and lots of love.

After the loss of Charlie we all felt a deep sadness, but for Kristin Charlie’s loss hit her the hardest.

October the 30th that deep emptiness was filled with so much happiness that for the first time in three months I saw her smile.

I would have never thought that a furry friend could make such a difference in one’s lives let alone a family but Max has brought smiles to each of our faces.

Charlie will forever live in our hearts and Max will have a forever home.

Welcome to the Family Max!

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